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Fathom Fishing Team
Welcome to our Fathom Fishing Team Page
Here you can meet our team of bait testers, see who they are & what they do, find out why Fathom Baits works for them.
You can learn new ways of using our baits & what methods make them successful, we have had really good results using different combinations of our unique baits with Carp just under 50lb in uk waters.

Ashley Donaghey
Age: 26
Location : London

I have now been angling for 18 years, I first started out fishing in a small creek close to my home. It was after catching numerous eels that I landed my first carp and from then on I was hooked!!
I then started looking for Carp lakes in and around the London area including Clapham Common, Battersea Park and Bushy Park. I was then catching bigger and better fish and thought I would test myself on some of of the well known lakes in south of England including Yately South Lake, Thorney Weir, Twinhurst and Thorpe Lea. After numerous carp in the low 20s. I managed to land a 31.4 lbs Mirror Carp. The next stage was France.
Having done quite well on the lakes in England I headed to Normandy, France to a lake called Moulicent. After a very hard fight I landed a beautiful 31lbs Mirror Carp.
It was here I first found out how different it was to fishing back home. It was a lot harder, the challange and the size and quality of the fish was on a different level to England.
I have since been to many other fisheries in France and have had many 30 and 40lbs Carp of all kinds.
I have also had two carp over 50lbs at 51.3 (Mirror) and 53.6 (Common)
I am a member of multiple fisheries in the South of England and enjoy trying new baits and methods to improve my angling skills.

I have been using Fathom Baits for a couple of months now & have had great success, the Krill range alone has landed be good size fish in hard to catch public parks across London, my best being 47lb 6oz using a single 16mm Krill boilie fished over a bed of whole & chopped Krill boilies.

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