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Natural Groundbait / Method Mix


Fathom Baits range of Natural Groundbaits / Method Mixes are formulated to offer a complete natural diet, all mixes contain vitamin & mineral supplements & are rich in essential amino acids required for health & well being.

By providing the essential minerals found in our natural clay supplement the protective slime coating will improve, helping the fish to maintain & improve natural parasite resistance leading to healthy fish & water quality.

The Fathom Baits range is made up of 7 blends, these are available in 1kg & 4kg bags

Halibut & Insect
A blend of ground halibut pellets, low oil feed mix, mineral clay with the addition of large quantities of dried whole & ground insects & crustaceans.

Shrimp & Krill
A carp food base enriched with shrimp & Krill meal, mineral clay & large quantities of crushed river shrimp & antarctic krill

Bloodworm & Daphnia
Fish food base with mineral clay, freeze dried bloodworm & dried daphnia (water fleas) the natural diet of many of our native fish

Silkworm & Water Fly
Large quantities of ground silkworm pupae powder make up the base whilst whole & crushed water flies will attract fish from all levels, enriched with mineral clay

Fish food base with mineral clay, powdered & crushed natural earthworms

A Koi Carp food base with ground, crushed & whole dried maggots, enriched with our unique mineral clay

Seaweed & spirulina with Betaine
Spirulina is used in this groundbait to add colour & natural algae, sea
weed powder is used to enhance the nutrition & flavour whilst betaine is renowned to be a natural attractor, enriched with mineral clay

1kg Bags £3.99
4kg Bags £13.99


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